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Mutual Fund Mobile Applications in India..

One of the recent innovations is the facility to transact through a mobile phone. To enable this option, an investor has to register his mobile number with the AMC, install the related software available on the Website of the AMC offering this facility and then start transacting.

Following mutual fund houses provides this facility on mobile phone:

1. Reliance Mutual Fund  (Link)

Mobile Transaction is a service offered on or for existing investors of Reliance Mutual Fund whereby they can Purchase less than 50,000, Redeem , Switch units view Account Details, Transaction Details, NAV and request for Statement of Account online. 
In order to opt for this service investor should mandatorily have to subscribe for Online Transactions facility. Only registered users of having Internet PIN can utilize this service.

 What is required for this service
  • Existing Folio
  • User Name & Password for accessing your folio I-Pin
  • Permanent Account Number
  • Mandate to process Electronic Clearing System (ECS Mandate for execution of purchase transactions only) duly registered.
  • KYC Validated(means KYC process successfully done)

This software is Currently  available in Android Market (Google Play)
   (Link of the application for andriod users) 

2. HDFC Mobile 


(link of the ngpay moblile application for HDFC Mutual fund)

 For Android users you can check ngpay link (Link of ngpay)

HDFC mobile is very helpful to hdfc mutual fund investors as this application help us to transact(buy, sell and switch), view (Nav and account details). To have this application on your mobile you have following details with you
  • Existing Folio (KYC Validated) 
  • HPIN (HDFCMF Personal Identification Number).
  • GPRS activated in mobile phone
  • ngpay application downloaded in mobile phone (click here to download)

3. UTI Mobile

UTI Mobile enables you as an investor to initiate payment instructions for investing in UTI Mutual Fund schemes from your mobile.

UTI MF & mChek have partnered to offer investment into UTI mutual fund schemes to their customers, who can either invest lumpsum or setup a systematic investment plan (SIP) for any scheme offered on mChek. Currently, only the purchase option is available on UTI Mobile. Redemption, switching & other MF portfolio services are coming soon.

UTI Mobile services are available on the following channels
mChekMall on mChek Java client
mChekMall on WAP site ( – Airtel customers can visit ( toll free

All you need to do is register yourself for an ECS / Standing Instructions facility to avail the service (link of ECS form)

How this works:

  • Download the ECS/Standing Instructions Form from the site.
  • Submit the duly filled and signed form at your nearest UTI Financial Centre. The validation process takes 25 days. After which you will receive the confirmation on your mobile.
  • You will receive an SMS confirming the validation of your number for the application.
  • You will receive link of mcheck. Open the sms and get the mChek link. Install Mchek
  • Mcheck logo will appear to confirm that the application is Installed in your mobile.  
  • Confirmation that mcheck is successfully installed to proceed for transaction.
  (More details check this link:

4. Birla Mobile Manager 

 This Birla Mobile Manager works similar to UTI mobile, you have to do the registration, fill up Birla Mobile Manager form 
Birla Mobile Manager form  consists of two forms, registration form and ECS form, you need to submit both to nearest Birla Sun Life Mutual fund (AMC) or Cams.

(complete details about Birla Mobile Manager check this Link)

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