Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How to get Mutual Fund Capital Gains Statement

Redeeming mutual funds is easy, but maintaining account statement of capital gain and loss is difficult for many investors, they keep calling advisor if he can help them to get that capital gain statement or if not at least can provide them account statement to help them to prepare Capital Gain and Loss Statement for Mutual Fund Units. 

But surprisingly many investors and even distributors don't know this option which is available on line and which actually help them to get quick access to Mutual fund Capital Gain/loss statement.  

In order to get mutual fund capital gains statement for all you investment in mutual funds you need to register your email address in mutual fund records.


 You can request a statement of "Investment Performance", which will contain actual withdrawals made by you in your fund account, realised gains/losses on a FIFO basis and segregated as long term and short term. The statement will also contain a summary of the dividends paid out in respect of the account. 

The statements will be provided for the previous and current financial year. This is an email-only service; if you have not provided an email address in your application form, this request cannot be responded to.


Now how to get Mutual fund capital gains statement

1.  visit   OR

2.  Click on on line service for Investors (which you observe top of page 2nd from left)

3. Click on Mail Back Services

4. New Window opens

5. In that click on  Consolidated Realised Gains Statement


6.  Enter the Email address registered in the folio

7. Select the delivery option

8. Enter password of your choice to open the attachment (which you will receive in your registered email address)


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