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How to manage your mutual Fund Investment!!

You feel truly blessed when your investment advisor take very good care of your investment in mutual funds.

But, things are not very same, so it is not right to blame your mutual fund advisor as after ban on entry load, Mutual Fund Advisor find very difficult to survive.

If he asks yearly or quarterly for managing your portfolio, it's good that you should pay him, but very few investors are actually ready to pay to distributor.

Now question comes in the absence of distributor how will you manage your mutual fund portfolio, if you believe your advisor is actually providing excellent services to you,  first option is talk to him, ask for fees (consultation or service charge) to handle your portfolio.

Another alternate is register for on-line access to all your mutual fund Investment, but for registering on line access:

1. Your Pan and KYC details are updated in your mutual fund scheme
2. Your email address is registered in that scheme.

If your pan number details and email address is registered and you are kyc verified then you can register(creating login id and password for your mutual fund investment) for on line access as this option is allowed in Birla Sun Life Mutual fund, Reliance Mutual Fund and Franklin Templeton Investments. But online registration is possible if you are sole applicant in that scheme, if you have joint holding in that scheme then you can't able to register online, but in such case you need to submit request (physical form) for online access.

On line access to your mutual fund investment is helpful in many ways as you can buy, sell, switch or change option of dividend easily and quickly.

Online access is not solution for your investment advisor but this helps you to some extent.

Now how to create online access

1. Visit the mutual fund website (where you have invested)
2. Click on online access
3. Download Application form for online access
4. Fill all the details such as your name, folio numbers, date of birth, email address and contact details.
5. Submit to nearest collection center.

I am also adding links of forms for online access (for PIN)

1.  HDFC Mutual Fund   HPIN Application Form 

HDFC Mutual Fund introduces , which enables you to transact online on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. On you can Purchase (if you have access to your net banking account),Redeem Switch, Register for Systematic Transactions (SIP / STP / FLEXINDEX / FLEXSTP) View your account details  View your portfolio valuation  Download account statements ……….Online!!! All you need to transact is :An existing folio, An email ID and HPIN (HDFC Personal Identification Number).

2. Birla Mutual Fund
You need to visit this link: Link for online access

3. Franklin Templeton Investment
If you have already invested in FT, register for online account access
New to Franklin Templeton :If you would like to invest with us, please fill up an application form and submit to any of our investor service centers

4. Reliance Mutual fund: 
check complete details here in this link for online transaction

5. DSP Black Rock Mutual Fund

Same process is applicable for most of mutual funds, so visit website of mutual fund and apply for online access.


  1. Non-resident Indians or NRIs who are interested to invest in Indian sharemarket are now increasing in numbers and it is the right time too to keep an eye on the Indian share market for a direct investment or through mutual funds. NRI investment in India has multiple benefits and profit making advantages if utilized effectively.

  2. Hi Vimala Rani,

    completely agree with you, People outside India are showing more interest in our Indian Markets, compare to person residing in India.


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