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How to access PPF account online...

Online PPF facility is currently available in SBI, ICICI Bank and IDBI Bank.

In order to get PPF online access:

1. You must have Saving Bank Account and PPF Account from same Bank.
2. Apply for netbanking access for saving bank account.
3. Request Bank to link your Savings Bank Account to your PPF Account.

In SBI Bank you can link your SBI PPF account with your Saving Bank account and can transfer funds and check your PPF balance online. 

 What is required to get online access to PPF
Login id and password for net banking and then link you accounts and get the access.
Also refer:

But some banks permit PPF online transfers . For example, if you have your PPF account with SBI and your salary/savings account with ICICI Bank, you can log into net banking and add the SBI PPF account as a payee for transfer from your ICICI account. This option is for fund transfer from your bank to your ppf account,but you can't able to check your PPF Account Status)

ICICI very recently started PPF online Facility. (Here you can check PPF Status + Transfer funds to your PPF Account.

How to apply online PPF account in ICICI Bank:

If you have access to your ICICI NetBanking, in that click on PPF Account online

Step 1: Fill in the details required for opening a PPF Account

Step 2: Take a print out of the pre-printed form, affix your photograph and sign on the form

Step 3: Submit the application form and the nomination form to any one of our branches

The PPF account will be opened only in a designated branch of ICICI Bank authorised by the ministry of finance. To view the list of these branches please click here . Please mention the name of the branch where your wish to open your PPF account on the application form

If you have PPF account in any other bank or Post office, you can request for transfer of PPF account and  transfer account to SBI or ICICI.
But to get  PPF account on line you must have bank account linked + net banking facility.

How to link your SBI PPF to your ICICI Bank Account

This facility is not yet started, so you can't link your SBI PPF Account with your ICICI Bank account and check your PPF Status.

But still if you want to link Your PPF Account  then you need to transfer your SBI PPF Account to Your ICICI PPF Account and then link your icici bank and PPF account to get the online Access+fund transfer option.

But if you want only Fund Transfer option and don't want to Transfer your PPF Account then:
You need to Link your SBI PPF as Payee in your ICICI Bank for your yearly contribution in PPF in "Fund Transfer to Non ICICI Bank across India."

How to use Fund Transfer option in your ICICI Bank Account:

1. Login to your ICICI net banking account
2. In that click on "Fund Transfer"
3. In Fund Transfer select - "Fund Transfer to Non ICICI Bank across India"
4. Register SBI PPF Account as Payee
5. Add Payee Details and then click confirm
6. If your mobile number is registered, in such case, six digit URL will be sent to your registered mobile Number
7. Enter URN received on your mobile, and click on "Confirm Payee"
8. Once your Payee details are confirmed, you can able to transfer funds to your registered and confirmed Payee that is SBI PPF.
9. Then for Transfer of funds - Select SBI PPF as Payee, enter the amount you want to transfer along with transaction remarks and click continue
10. Verify the details and now its time to enter Transaction password to confirm your transaction for transfer.
11. Last page will be adding ATM/Debit card details as prompted, click OK to confirm. And after that within few hours amount will be transfered to your SBI PPF Account.

You can also refer this demo for fund Transfer



For Transfer of PPF account refer this Link


  1. how can i link my ppf account to icici login

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Currently in ICICI Bank net banking the only facility is available is to open New PPF Account with ICICI Bank.
      If you already have PPF account in any other Bank then you need to follow the process of transfer from your existing PPF bank to ICICI Bank.
      In the above blog, the link is provided as how to transfer PPF account from one bank to another Bank.

  2. Provide me ppf account bank list.

    1. PPF facility is currently available in most of Nationalized Banks in India.
      Very recently ICICI Bank came with online PPF facility with your net banking account.
      You need to visit nearest Bank Branch and ask for PPF Account.

  3. can we add SBI PPF account as beneficiary to icici bank

    1. Hi Samara,

      Yes you can add SBI PPF As Payee and use fund transfer option For Funds Transfer to 'Other Bank Account' Add a Payee and you will receive a URN (Unique Registration Number) on your registered mobile phone. Please confirm the payee using the URN.
      check this demo as how to add SBI as Payee

  4. Hi,

    I have a PPF account in Bangalore. Can I open a SB account in Hyderabad and link it with the PPF account?

    1. Hi Ashish,
      I think you can do so.
      But you can confirm the same from SBI Bank in Hyderabad as you want to connect your PPF account (which is in Bangalore) with your saving account.

    2. Refer this

  5. While adding payee to ICICI online banking it is asking for 12-digit account number, while my SBI PPF account number is 11-digit long. how to go forward?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. how do we connect my ppf account to hdfc account?

    1. You can't as no such option in hdfc bank account.
      But you can transfer money from your hdfc bank account to your ppf account (if having account in sbi) by using National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) as Third Party Transfer from your account to SBI PPF Account.

  7. how to open online ppf account in sbi..

    Shyam Sunder Sharma

    1. Opening PPF account with SBI or any other bank is very easy

      Visit nearest sbi branch where you want to open PPF Account.

      Carry relevant documents for proof of identity and proof of residence.

      1. Pan card (original and copy)
      2. Voters id card
      3. Driving license
      4. Electricity Bill
      5. Telephone Bill
      6. Ration Card
      7. Aadhaar Card

      A minimum deposit of Rs. 500 must be made during one whole financial year.

      The maximum that could be deposited is Rs. 1, 00,000 in a financial year.

      Deposits could be in either one go, or in flexible instalments (in multiples of Rs. 10). You could vary the amount and the number of instalments, as per your convenience, provided you do not exceed 12 instalments in one financial year.

  8. Is it mandate to have saving account in SBI to access PPF Online account.
    Can I access my PPF account without having a savings account there.

    1. Ritesh,

      Yes, to get online access to your PPF account, you need bank account and both the accounts (that is PPF account and saving bank account) are connected and you have internet banking facility for your bank account.

  9. hello
    i read the info u have given reg to query is ,does one has to personally collect the cheque issued by the previous bank or the bank sends it to the my new bank.or .would be helpful if u could reply.thankyou.

    1. Cheque and transfer papers will be sent by old ppf branch to new ppf branch.

      After tranfer you will receive confirmation from both the banks in the form of letter, plus call from new PPF Branch to collect ppf pass book.

    2. Even if you visit bank for cheque collection, they will not give you and request you to wait and cheque will be sent directly by them to new ppf branch.

  10. How to get PPF statement for the transactions done through online (ICICI Bank) for Tax filling purpose.

    1. Hi Varun,

      If you have net banking access then you can easily take print out of your PPF statement for tax purpose.

      ICICI Bank offers you the convenience of viewing your Public Provident Fund (PPF) Account balance, transferring funds from linked savings account online and viewing your Public Provident Fund (PPF) account statement online in your ICICI Bank Net Banking Account.

  11. पीपीफ खाते का समय कितने वर्ष तक होता ह ओर पीपीफ खाते को कितने समय तक ओर भढाया जा सकता ह

    1. PPF account is for 15 years.
      A subscriber can withdraw the entire balance standing to his/her credit after the expiry of 15 years, from the end of financial year in which the initial subscription is made.
      Continuation of account with deposits after maturity
      A subscriber may after maturity of his/her account, exercise an option for a further block of 5 years, subject to the prescribed limits of subscription. This option has to be exercised before the end of the first financial year after maturity.
      On completion of the first block period, a subscriber may continue to subcribe for further block period, subject to limits of subscription and exercise of such option should be done in the first financial year of every extended block period

  12. पीपीफ खाते का समय कितने वर्ष तक होता ह ओर पीपीफ खाते को कितने समय तक ओर भढाया जा सकता ह


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