Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to change email address in mutual funds in India

Query of Blog Reader: How to go ahead for change of email address in mutual funds?

My email address is wrongly entered in mutual fund records, i want to give request for change of email address, so now my question is whether for updating email address i need to again follow kyc process?

If your email address has been incorrectly registered, you need to submit correct details using "Email Updation form."

Requests for a change in e-mail ID is given to the mutual fund or the registrar directly and you don't have to go for change e-mail address to CVL.

Some mutual funds accepts change of email address request on phone and after taking request, they verify the email address by calling investor on registered mobile number,in some mutual funds this facility is available online, you need to visit mutual fund website, do the verification process and update your email address and some mutual funds want written request for making changes.

In order to make changes first call mutual fund house on toll free number, if they accept request on phone, then process will get done in 3-4 working days, or visit mutual fund house or registrar and submit written request.

Toll Free Helpline Numbers of Mutual Funds in India

 Email Updation Form

Mutual Fund websites where online email registration is available

1. Reliance Mutual Fund        
Contact Details Updation Website Link:

2. ICICI Mutual Fund


  1. thx for this post , i was just looking for the way to change my email address in mutual funds .


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