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How to apply for Permanent Account Number /Pan Card

All you want to know about Permanent Account Number /Pan Card 
 What is Pan card/ Permanent Account Number
 PAN or Permanent Account Number is a ten-digit alphanumeric codegenerated by the India's 'Income Tax Department', that is required by anyone and everyone who wish to conduct any kind of financial transaction in India. Even those whose financial transaction is limited to paying income tax require it! PAN is required if you wish to enter the Indian Share Market. This is true for NRIs - Non Resident Indians living abroad too, who wish to make investment in India, buy property/house in India, open bank account, demat account, rent out a property etc.

Where to apply for PAN Number/ PAN CARD
 In order to improve PAN related services, the Income Tax department has authorized UTI Investor Services Ltd (UTIISL) to set up and manage IT PAN Service Centers in all cities or towns where there is an Income Tax office and National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) to dispense PAN services from TIN Facilitation Centers. For convenience of PAN applicants in big cities, UTIISL has set up more than one IT PAN Service Center and likewise there are more than one TIN Facilitation Centers.

What documents and information have to be submitted along with the application for Form 49A?
a. Individual applicants will have to affix one recent, coloured photograph (Stamp Size: 3.5 cms x 2.5 cms) on Form 49A;
b. Any one document listed in Rule 114 must be supplied as proof of 'Identity' and 'Address'; and
c. Designation and code of the concerned Assessing Officer of Income Tax department will have to be mentioned in Form 49A.
What are the Important Points to remember while Filing the 'PAN' Form?
The PAN form should be filled in by the assessee with due care and caution. There should be no corrections or overwriting and it should be properly signed and verified by the person who is authorised to do so under the provisions of I.T Act. The following important points may be taken care of while filling up the form:
Name & Address:
The name and address must be written in block letters and while filling up the same, one cage may be left blank after each word.No initials are allowed to be used while filling in the name. Full name has to be given.
Correct code Numbers of the assessee's status/residential status may be filled in.
Date of Birth: 
Date of birth is very important and to be filled.
Father's Name:
Father's name has to be given even in case of married ladies.
Sources of Income:
A person should have at least one source of income to apply for PAN. So the relevant box should be checked in the form

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