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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online redemption in Reliance Mutual Fund Scheme!

 Online Redemption in Reliance Mutual Fund is possible only when you are registered for Online Transaction Facility in Reliance mutual fund.

How to register online in reliance mutual fund for online access

 If you fulfill these conditions, then you can easily create online access for your investment in Reliance Mutual Fund

 1. If  you  are Existing Investor to reliance mutual fund.
 2. Your Pan details are updated in the that folio.
 3. Your are KYC Complaint investor
 4. Your  mode of Holding is Single.
5. Your mobile number and email address is registered in that folio

If your mode of holding is Joint or any one or survivor in such case online access is possible when you submit pin agreement form.

  click here to download pin agreement form.

Step by step process to create online access if you fulfill above conditions

First step: Generate your IPIN

Link where you can generate IPIN: 

Demo as how to generate IPIN


Second step: Create Userid and Password

Refer this Link

Form for Redemption (Transaction Slip) as requested by blog reader

Now in KarvyMf website, we have given option to generate transaction slip

Visit this link 


  1. I need Reliance Redemption form

    1. It very easy visit reliance mutual fund website.
      in that go to download and in that other service reqeuest form
      This is path to go..
      Home | Downloads | Other Service Request Forms
      click on common transaction slip
      Link of Transaction slip


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